Basal body temperature – (BBT) is the temperature obtained in the resting state, usually just before arising in the morning. It is most easily obtained by use of a basal body thermometer. Progesterone has a central thermogenic effect; when it is produced in sufficient concentrations, it causes the basal body temperature to become elevated. Usually, the rise represents a change of 0.5–0.8o F, or about 0.3o C, during the luteal phase. Some women exhibit a greater sensitivity to the thermogenic effect than others. When a biphasic monthly temperature pattern is recorded, it is confirmatory evidence of luteinization, but the absence of a biphasic pattern may be seen in ovulatory cycles. In some cases, use of an electric blanket or of a heated waterbed may reduce the observed fluctuations. The BBT is not useful for predicting ovulation, and no statement of the adequacy of ovulation can be made based on the BBT chart. The pattern of temperature rise, whether abrupt or gradual, also has no significance in fertility assessment. For some couples, the daily ritual of taking morning temperatures can be a symbol of frustration; since the information to be gained from BBT charts is usually more readily available by other means, the assignment of maintaining daily temperature charts can be individualized and, in any case, need not be continued indefinitely.

A BBT chart is an extremely useful tool and method to monitor your body’s hormonal changes throughout a menstrual cycle and for you to really understand what is occurring at different stages of your cycle. It graphically provides information about your own fertility during pre-conception to hopefully attain natural fertility and eventual pregnancy. It is cost-free. TCM practitioner can interpret and analyse the chart and find out the problems such as estrogen or progesterone level is too low, then we can use different needling techniques and herbal medicine to alter the condition.

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