The Interstitium, the Largest Organ We Never Knew We Had

A study published in Scientific Reports on Tuesday suggests that a previously unknown organ has been found in the human body.
“The new organ was a thin layer of dense connective tissue throughout the body, sandwiched just under our skin and within the middle layer of every visceral organ. The organ also made up all the fascia, or the thin mesh of tissue separating every muscle and all the tissue around every vein and artery, from largest to smallest. What initially seemed to be a solid, dense, connective tissue layer was actually a complex network of fluid-filled cavities that are strong and flexible, yet so tiny and undiscerning that they escaped the attention of the brightest scientific minds for generations.

In fact, Theise expanded, this “interstitium” could explain many of modern medicine’s mysteries, often dismissed by the establishment as either silly or explainable by other phenomena. Take acupuncture, Theise said—that energetic healing jolt may be traced to the interstitium.

A new organ? It could be jingluo-Channels system in traditional Chinese here